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Small Business Law

The Unique Challenges of a Small Business

Small businesses face many situations – good and bad – that require legal services. At the Law Offices of Alvin H. Lee, we understand that although you may be an expert in your industry or specialty, creating the legal infrastructure for your business may be a daunting and overwhelming task. We have represented small businesses in a variety of professions and industries, from boutique retailers to fine dining restaurants and professional engineers to family physicians. We appreciate and understand the substantial investment that small business owners make when starting their own company.

20,000 Foot Look Into Your Business

An attorney's insight into certain aspects of your business, including corporate matters, business relations and tax matters, can help lay a strong foundation to support your business as it grows and avoid the potential pitfalls before they arise.

Our legal services are beneficial no matter the stage your business is in. We have incorporated many existing business, including corporations, partnership and limited liability companies. We have also counseled our business clients in a wide range of matters, including drafting corporate bylaws and operating agreements, addressing the rights between owners and their business; overseeing stock issuance, shareholder meetings and corporate books; ensuring compliance with applicable rules and regulations; and preparing employee manuals and agreements.

Day-to-Day Operations

It can be easy to overlook that many of your business relationships – with employees, vendors, customers, landlords or insurers – involve agreements and contracts that define your rights in relation to the individual or business on the other end of a relationship. Whether you are a business that needs to sign a lease, a startup looking to bring on an adviser, a technology company who wants to project your innovations and proprietary information, or a business who wants to create a licensing plan for your ideas, we can help you negotiate the deal, prepare for any issues that may arise and draft the requisite paperwork to protect your interests.

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