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Business Entity Formation

Business Entity Formation

At the Law Offices of Alvin H. Lee, we continue to provide you all the support that you need in order to help establish your business and help it thrive. An overview of our services includes:

  • Preparing, filing and maintaining Articles of Incorporation/Organization
  • Drafting, filing and maintaining required operational documents.
  • Drafting and maintaining shareholder agreements or partnership agreements
  • Keeping minutes of all meetings as required by California law.
  • Preparing employee contracts, handbooks and policy manuals.
  • Preparing and filing relevant business licenses and fictitious business name applications.
  • Drafting and reviewing all business contracts.
  • Advising on wage and hour laws.

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The Law Offices of Alvin H. Lee is a full-service business law firm. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you with your business formation. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. 


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