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Quiet Title and Boundary Disputes

Quiet title is a legal action brought by one party when two or more persons have adverse claims to the same property or same part of a property. This type of legal action is intended to eliminate the adverse claim and establish complete title to the property for one of the claimants. This is different from removing a cloud on title, where the objective is to invalidate a particular instrument or lien that is affecting title. Quiet title is intended to resolve ownership claims and disputes.

Quiet title can present itself in a variety of situations and contextual circumstances. The most common examples involve a neighbor trying to expand their fence line into your yard or claiming a tree near the boundary line as theirs. Then, there are the situations where property is purchased with a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend or family member. There can be disputes when only one owner's name is actually on title to the property. And then there are the situations where an opportunist is attempting to adversely possess an entire lot of property away from you when you aren't looking. 

All of the above situations, no matter how small or big, are examples of how someone could challenge your ownership rights and wrongfully take something for you. And whether fair or not, the law favors the bold and proactive. Allowing a problem or a challenge to your ownership to continue can come at the cost of surrendering your ownership rights. 

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