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Business and Commercial Litigation

At the Law Offices of Alvin H. Lee, the hallmark of our firm's approach is a devoted understanding of our clients' business objectives. Our litigation and trial strategies are tailored to the size of the matter, the client's exposure or opportunity, and the short-term and long-term objectives of our client. However, in any legal dispute, litigation and trial are only pieces to a puzzle. We always put our clients' interests first and foremost, periodically evaluating additional options, including negotiation or settlement, motions to dismiss or for summary judgment, as well as indemnification or insurance possibilities.

Pursuing Positive Outcomes to Legal Challenges

The firm is prepared and ready to assist our clients with their legal disputes- large or small. We offer clients industry experience and outstanding service across multiple practices, including:

  • Business torts
  • Contract disputes
  • Shareholder, membership and partnership disputes
  • Fraud and unfair/unlawful competition disputes
  • Joint venture disputes
  • Confidential information and trade secret disputes

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