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Dublin Power of Attorney

Appointing a Power of Attorney

When putting together an estate plan, it's important to understand the importance of assigning a power of attorney. It allows you to appoint someone to act as your agent to carry out actions on your behalf. Contrary to how it sounds, this agent need not be your attorney. In fact, most often it is a trusted family member, friend, or colleague who you trust and are comfortable with to step in and handle your financial matters and other affairs if ever needed.

Springing Power of Attorney vs. Durable Power of Attorney

A springing power of attorney "springs" into action after a set of circumstances you designate occurs. This gives you the discretion to determine the specific time scenario when a power of attorney would be assigned. However, a durable power of attorney is effective immediately and does not require a proof of incapacity or proof of circumstances satisfied.

Power of Attorney Authority

When assigning power of attorney, you may authorize your selected agent to handle any or all of the following types of transactions on your behalf:

  • Banking
  • Accessing the contents of a safety deposit box
  • Filing tax returns
  • Buy/Sell real estate or other property
  • Claiming government benefits
  • Entering into contracts
  • Making business owner/shareholder decisions
  • Purchase Life Insurance or File a Claim
  • Settling legal disputes
  • Making gifts or charitable donations
  • Managing and transferring assets

Special powers of attorney allowing your agent to act in a specific scenario or transaction may also be permissible.

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