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Company Review and Analysis: Risk Management and Resolution

Enterprise Risk Management

A prudent business will hire an attorney when their company faces legal challenges or disputes; however, a savvy business will take preemptive steps to avoid or mitigate the possibility of legal challenges or disputes from even occurring. Risk management is the strategic business discipline that supports the achievement of a business enterprise's objectives, assessing the full spectrum of the risks and exposure and managing the combined impact of those risks. Or, put simply, risk management is an assessment of where a business may be vulnerable. 

Legal Grade Protection

The most dangerous vulnerability a business has is not knowing what it does not know, particularly not knowing what it should know. However, when a business is armed with the knowledge of where it may be vulnerable, even if no action is taken to address, it is at least aware they can be hurt. 

At the Law Offices of Alvin H. Lee, we provide a comprehensive and analytical approach towards understanding your business- past, present and future. The most important component of our approach is the critically important need to understand and see your business the same way that you understand and see your business. We apply our extensive legal knowledge, creativity and experience towards this understanding and perspective to assess not only where the business is vulnerable today, but also where it was vulnerable yesterday and where it may be exposed tomorrow. Our office then devises and proposes solutions to those vulnerabilities- solutions that are prudent and cost-effective but also solutions that respect the spirit and integrity of your vision. 

Examples of where many businesses are commonly vulnerable include the following:

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