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Pre-Litigation Negotiation

Resolving Business Disputes Without Litigation

When serious disputes occur, many people assume that litigation is the next step or even the only step. However, this is not always the case. Many disputes began as misinterpretations of one or more parties' rights and obligations under a contract or agreement. There are often many ways that even the most challenging of circumstances can be resolved before litigation is a necessity. 

How We Can Help

At the Law Offices of Alvin H. Lee, we possess valuable experience and resources to resolve disputes on behalf of our clients through a variety of strategies and creative approaches. If after exhausting the non-litigation options, we are no closer towards a resolution, our offices are also ready and equipped to take the next step to enforce your rights and their obligations.

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The Law Offices of Alvin H. Lee is a full-service business law firm. If you or your business is currently engaged in a dispute that seems at a stalemate, consider contacting our offices to explore all opportunities before taking the plunge into litigation. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.  


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