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California Wills and Probate

Last Will and Testament

A will can be an extremely effective method to ensure the proper distribution of your assets and possessions to your loved ones, preserving many of your wishes after you have passed. Even in complex estate plans, a will is a critical component. The will directs how other components of an estate plan work together to provide for your loved ones after you are gone.

Many companies may offer "do-it-yourself" form wills, claiming that you will save money by preparing it yourself without an attorney. However tempting, it can often cost your loved ones in the end. Form wills use stock, one fits all- language that can often be ambiguous or vague. This can lead to disagreements among your beneficiaries regarding the meaning of certain provisions and wishes. Those disagreements quickly become estate or probate litigation, fracturing the relationships of your loved ones and placing significant financial and emotional burdens on everyone involved.

When you work with an attorney with the Law Offices of Alvin H. Lee, you can mitigate those risks and alleviate those concerns. Our clients can safely rest easy knowing that their will is drafted by an experienced attorney to meet their specific estate planning goals. We work with our clients to prepare all of their estate plan components clearly and comprehensively, ensuring that each and every wish is reflected in their plan.

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