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Business Mediation

Resolving Business Mediation

Litigation is expensive. Legal fees and costs can sometimes exceed the financial benefit gained from pursuing a lawsuit, which does not even account for the time and stress involved in in fighting in court. 

In some cases, businesses, professional firms and even individuals may achieve a more efficient and cost-effective solution to resolve disputes through mediation. Mediation is a process where each party to a dispute agrees to present their case to a single, impartial facilitator, known as a mediator. The mediator's role is to assist the adversarial parties to a dispute in amicably working out their differences towards an agreeable resolution. This process is typically voluntary and is not legally binding. 

How We Can Help

The inherent vulnerability to mediation is that no one involved in the mediation process is advocating for you or looking out for your best interests. The mediator is attempting to guide the disputing parties towards an amicable resolution; however, that amicable resolution does not have to be a fair one.

It is often a mistake not to have an advocate on your side when attempting mediation. Given the inseparable sentiment that someone is personally attacking you, it can be difficult to separate our emotions from a logical decision. This may lead to missing valuable opportunities, souring potential resolutions or becoming a victim to a poor decision when making a decision clouded by fear, anger or intimidation.

At the Law Offices of Alvin H. Lee, we respect and appreciate your desire to resolve your business dispute amicably through mediation. It is not our goal to over-complicate matters or to drive a wedge between you and the other party(ies). Aside from legal counsel and advice, we implement creative negotiation techniques and strategic approaches to help you achieve cost-effective and time efficient resolutions through the mediation platform.

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